FANUCI & FALCON - Your Gateway to Advanced Fiber Laser Technology

Explore the future of metal fabrication with our revolutionary fiber laser welding and cleaning solutions - where innovation meets excellence.

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Experience the essence of precision cutting technology with our state-of-the-art fiber laser machines – where perfection meets performance to define a new era in metal fabrication.

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Fiber edge without compromise

FANUCI & FALCON - Your Gateway to Advanced Fiber Laser Technology

Together, we are redefining excellence in the metal fabrication industry, where quality, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of perfection are essential. We are dedicated to transforming your unique visions into reality. Our commitment to advancing fiber laser technology knows no borders, ensuring superior quality in every project. Through our global partnership, clients worldwide gain access to unparalleled expertise, pioneering technology, and tailored fiber solutions focused on welding, cleaning, cladding and cutting operations. We aim not only to meet high expectations but also to exceed them, collectively setting new standards within the metal fabrication industry. The right technology in the right place. FANUCI & FALCON - let's achieve success together.

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